A Frog Face

It’s a great Monday morning to Lighten Up! Once upon a time I met a frog-faced man…

[youtube id=”WqQ80gl483w”]

Today’s clip is taken from Fully Alive. Click here to purchase.


  1. You are so right!! I go to 2 churches, the 2nd one being quite large but all I see there are happy, joyful, smiling faces…no frowns, no one is angry…love this place…1st one only has a handful & the smiles, joy, laughter, sorely lacking…it’s pathetic. Depressing…I try to read short devotionals that may inspire at least a smile…like batting my head against the wall. Why don’t I leave? B/C I am a member there & don’t want to leave my denomination; however, how incredibly blessed I am that I have the 2nd church to fill me with the Lord!!

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