It’s Fine

It’s Lighten Up Monday once again! Did your wife go shopping this weekend?

[youtube id=”yM3NAyM_r1Q”]

This clip taken from Is It Just Me?


  1. Been there,done that. I must be slow because I didn’t learn the first time and said the same thing to my second wife. I’m pretty sure that my first wife up in heaven shook her head and smacked me a good one with a rolled up newspaper when I answered that question with wife #2.

  2. More life saving tips from Ken. Also, men when she asks you to hold her purse while she is in the change room, hold it proudly – like a badge of honor – it means she trusts you completely. But never get anything out of it for her even if she asks – just take the purse to her. You probably wouldn’t be able to find it anyway; even with her coaching you. : )

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