A Map of Michigan

It’s another Lighten Up Monday! The people I describe in this clip have done a lot to lighten up my life. People learn the goofiest ways to describe where they live. If you are from one of the states I mention, remember to keep your sense of humor as you watch this – I often make fun of my own state as well.

This clip taken from I’m Not Ok. For more info or to purchase, click here.


  1. I work at Disney World and we get a lot of guests from Michigan, I have used that with the kids, I am from California and they laugh when I show them my state 😉

  2. I’m so guilty of this. When people ask me what part of NJ I’m from, I always show the shape of the state with my hands and point to the angle to show where I lived. :/

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  4. Yep! I’m thinking of getting “Kalamazoo” tattooed onto the appropriate place on my palm. It would be so convenient now that I live out of state!

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