Car Fights

Good morning friends! It’s Lighten Up Monday! Have you ever experienced the “thrill” of children doing combat in the back seat while you try to navigate traffic? At the end of this video is a solution you might want to try.

[reminder]What solutions have you used?[/reminder]

Today’s Lighten Up Monday clip is taken from Seriously Funny, click here to purchase!


  1. A number of years ago, I asked my dad how he and my mother were able to take us on so many family vacations (and keep their sanity). I remember those vacations as heaven on earth and struggled to recreate them for my own children with any sense of joy or lightness of spirit. My dad said “Don’t you remember our threatening to strap you to the top of the car if you didn’t stop fighting with your sisters?”.

  2. This clip reminded me of my children and now grandchildren. I’ve threatened with, “if I have to stop this car, you’re all going to get it!” If I had to reach around with my arm it was too late, especially if I missed cause then I stopped the car and everyone was quiet the rest of the trip. Lol

  3. Once again, your humor sends sunshine that out shines the Florida Sun. I thank God for the wonderful laughter He gives to us through YOU. Blessings on your day.

  4. I love you Ken Davis!!! It brings me to tears how you can make me laugh when I needed to “lighten up”! God bless you as you minister to all of us!!!

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