A Prayer for Growing Older

It’s Lighten Up Monday! Today’s clip has made the rounds but I had to share it with you.  Watch what happens as Mary Maxwell is asked to pray at a senior citizen event.

This woman is amazing.  I wish I could meet her.

Stay with it!  About ninety seconds into the prayer is when the fun begins.

[youtube id=”vPFCn3itBFE”] [reminder]What are the signs you’re growing older?  What do you enjoy about growing older?[/reminder]


  1. Mary is HILARIOUS!! Can definitely see why you would like to meet her. She speaks VOLUMES about getting older, and like so many of us, when you cannot control it, and tears seem equally useless, it is truly better to laugh about it because, as you say, Lighten Up and LIVE there is truly no better way. I’m not quite as old as Mary, but she pretty much covered all the signs I’ve experienced already. Holy Vaca – does that mean I’m getting older at an alarming rate? Does not surprise me, it would certainly explain A LOT right now. What I most enjoy about growing older are my grandsons. I encourage and allow them to do things I would NEVER – yep never, nunca, ni lo pienses – even contemplate in allowing let alone encourage my son to do when he was their age. This past weekend, I shocked them with a late evening trip to the local ice cream shop – I LOVE LOVED IT when they told me, “mom would NEVER let us eat ice cream this late.” Never say “never” right? I proudly tell them in response, “1 your mom is not here. 2 What she doesn’t know won’t hurt me. 3 You’re only a kid once so enjoy.” Actually, now that I think about it, I tend to say that to them A LOT 😀 Plus, in the end, after I’ve spoiled them shamelessly, wear them out with “adventures”, and bring them back to life by hyping them up on all kinds of goodies (a.k.a. LOTS AND LOTS OF SUGAR), I get to send them home, while I relax at home and pat myself on the back for another “Survivor of the Fittest” time with my grandsons. Above all, I must admit, getting older has given me a new found love, respect and intrigue in the word of God and my faith. I’m surrounding myself with good friends and people that share my interest in God. Most of all – I enjoy reinventing myself, because I love messing with people – just when they think they know me, they come to realize a whole new and sometimes “twisted” side to me. Heck, I figure, if my mind is going best take advantage of it now while the getting is good. Right?!

  2. I stopped at a red light looked both ways then turned left. Thank God no one was coming.

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