In the early church believers would joyfully greet each other with a proclamation that was the foundation of their passion and their hope. “He is Risen.”  Followers of Christ would respond with a resounding, “He is risen indeed!”

Here is The Ken Davis, New, Revised, Contemporary version of this. Occasionally on Easter someone will greet me with the wonderful ancient truth. “He is risen!” my response is….



May you have a blessed Easter filled with the faith and hope of knowing a risen Christ!


  1. I work with the special needs children ministry at my church. I told a teenage young man [who was only about 1 developmentally]: “Jesus died for Nathan…but he got better.”

  2. AMEN and AMEN!!! Love you, Love the Looney Jacket, Love your wife,Love your daughters in backseat on way to church, Love the grandchildren and Babe Ruth,Love Homestead Instead wonderful Lady.
    LOOOOOVVVEE it All KEN! Fort Lauderdale Loves You! I pray you schedule to come to South Florida.
    In Jesus Name !!!!

  3. Thank you for your hilarious and inspirational acts. God has truly blessed you with this gift. I hope to see you in Houston Texas sometime.

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