A Robbery

Hey! WAKE UP! It’s Lighten up Monday!¬†Remember, Jesus is always watching.¬†This clip is taken from one my favorite DVDs, Together Again. Enjoy!
[youtube id=”3jBkTn1pFrQ”]


  1. Ken, i’very watched you on some of the Gaither videos, and absolutely LOVE your humor!!
    I think one of my favorites is when u were on a plane, sitting on your newspaper & the person next to u asked if you were reading it! Fell right over laughing!!!

  2. Actually, I think it was a Mexican dog, named Hay-suze (Jesus)… great story…

  3. Hi Ken ,
    I know you don’t remember me but I was one of the Rusco twin from sax ‘ I got to visit and spend time with your mom and dad before they passed. I even went and had lunch with them one day when they lived in merrifield on the lake . I sure loved them.

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