No Monkey Business

It’s another Lighten Up MONDAY! There are two clips in today’s post. The first clip was filmed in about 1990 in front of 11,000 people and the second was filmed about 21 years later and became part of a motion picture titled Fully Alive.

They are both on the same subject but end up going in different directions. I thought you might like to see how the emphasis of a story grows and changes over the years.
[youtube id=”3TvV-YtGDLw”] This clip was taken from the DVD, Healing the Wounded Heart. For more info or to purchase, click here.

This second clip starts out the same but hang in there – see if you can see the subtle changes and the different direction the clip took at the end.

New Clip
[youtube id=”is6TEm9QkMc”] This clip taken from the DVD, Fully Alive. For more info or to purchase, click here.

So which one do you like the best? 

Do you have stories in your family that have grown and changed over the years?[reminder]

These are two of my favorite DVDs and both are available on my website. If you purchase them, please don’t forget to share them with friends.


  1. I enjoyed the earlier one the best. The one in front of the crowd of 11,000 youth.

  2. I liked the first one better because you emphasized that God loves the word ‘impossible’.
    But I haven’t seen the ‘Fully Alive’ DVD yet, so I might like the 2nd one better when I see it in context.
    I have several of your DVD’s and they have brought laughter into our home where sorrow had reigned supreme.
    Thank you for allowing God to use you!

  3. If I had to choose, I would pick the first one as the part about going to the doctor leads one to believe that she is already pregnant. I loved the way we were told not to get ahead of ourselves in thought, as that was not the case… yet. LOL!

    I have to say however that anything that is said from Ken Davis is hilarious and is hard to decide what is a favourite.

    God bless you for what you do Ken! And thank-you for giving us honestly clean and hilarious shows! You are proof that a comedian does not need to use foul language or be crude to be funny. You do it all naturally, and with God by your side. xoxo

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