A Unique Proposal

It’s another Lighten Up Monday! I wanted my engagement to be different… Well, this clip shows that I got my wish.
[youtube id=”OtK2vG3NWuY”] [reminder]Tell me about how you got engaged! [/reminder] You may enjoy the rest of this story.  It can be found on a DVD entitled It’s enough to make a Grown Man Cry.


  1. I received a phone call. I answered and there was a moment of silence (I don’t know if it was nerves or he was silently praying). When he spoke it was a very serious tone. He said “I need to talk to you. I’ll be there in a few minutes”. I said ok and hung up. I thought this is it, he’s going to breakup with me. I hurried to get ready. He knocked on the door and I opened it. When he came in he looked as serious as he’d sounded. I told him to give me just a moment. He sat down on the sofa. When I came back to the living room he just looked up at me and motioned for me to sit down. When I did he stood up, got down on his left knee. H
    I began crying. He placed this beautiful diamond ring on my hand asked me to marry him. I was crying so hard he thought I was upset. I explained that I was so happy because I thought he was ending our relationship but instead it was the beginning. He apologized and said he thought it was a good idea at the time and wished he hadn’t done it that way. I told him it was ok I promised him I would always remember. For sure. We will be celebrating 19 years of marriage June 17th. I selected that because it is my birthday. That way if he, for some stupid reason forgets, it’s double jeopardy. I am so blessed He loves me and he makes me laugh every day

  2. My boyfriend left for a 2 week Caribou hunting trip in Canada. The day after he left I found a note in my medicine cabinet… no a 3 page letter about how I made him crazy (not always in a good way), and explaining how his heart had been broken before, and that I had a way of making him feel at home, and that he wanted to be sure that I could love him for a long time without breaking his heart again. He laid it all out for me, then, he wrote “If you are ready, willing and able to accept this heart and hold it and care for it and keep it safe until death do us part… Then consider yourself proposed to… we’ll deal with the ring when I get back.” He called a few days later to ask if I’d gotten the letter, and I accepted. Two weeks later, I met him at the airport (2 1/2 hours away) to bring my fiancé home. He brought home a pendant of a wolf, because wolves mate for life. It’s been 20 years (the letter was in September, we were married in November), I still wear the pendant every day.

  3. My boyfriend went uptown while we were visiting his parents for the weekend while I washed and set and dried my hair. I was sitting on the floor under the dryer with a headful of curlers – I had waist length hair at the time – and he comes in with a bag from the clothing store. And then takes out a small bag and hands it to me. Inside was a little jeweller’s box. I opened it and looked a THE RING and looked at him. He asked “Do you want it?” I put it on. So he didn’t ask and I didn’t say “yes”. Since his parents were gone for the day and he wanted to tell people, we visited his sister and family. It was planting time so she was alone in the house waxing her floor. She wouldn’t let us in. We had to go around the house and come in the front door and she finished the floor. We waited for her to notice the ring.
    She eventually did … later while visiting she pointed out the pretty ring to her kids. Yep pretty ring… So we went to the other house n the farm and … basically the same thing. Except the kids came over too. The aunt asked what they thought about getting a new aunt… the niece went screaming across the field to her mom ….
    Later that evening I ended up with four crying kids on my lap in the aftermath of the oldest niece putting her arm through a glass door….
    I still married him. It’s been forty years and counting. There has been a lot of quiet support during rough times but a lot of fun and laughter too as we raised our family and lived life.
    And I’d do it all again … he makes me laugh… with him, at him, at myself…

  4. I worked late on New Year’s eve. Got to my girlfriends house just before mid-night. We exchanged kisses and pleasantries, she offered to fix me something to eat. I said fine and then gave her the ring box and said this is for you. Just like that.


  5. Hi Ken,
    It has been 43 years since my husband simply handed me an engagement ring. There was no fanfare and no, “Will you marry me, I love you so.” There was absolutely no romance in it but I was still excited and the first to have an engagement ring as a senior in high school. Fast forward 41 years. We are having supper with friends in a local restaurant and we start talking about how long we’d been married and all the ups and downs of a relationship. I commented that Rick had never asked me to marry him. It was a simple statement and I forgot all about it. It was two days later when I looked out my kitchen window and saw what looked like tracks in our lawn. We live on an acreage and my husband spends a lot of time mowing and trimming around the trees to make it look like a park for our grandchildren. So I sympathized with him that someone had driven through our lawn during the night. We jumped into our vehicle so fast I forgot I was still in my pjs. I still didn’t understand as we pulled up thinking someone had written a nasty message in the lawn. I started reading it and it said, “Sue, will you marry me?” I was immediately in tears and Rick then confessed that while I was at a church meeting the night before he had gone out with the grass trimmer and “wrote” out the message. I said yes.

  6. For some reason, I had promised my mom to say “no” to the first dozen proposals that I received. My boyfriend at the time had heard me tell the story of a good friend/mentor who had got down on one knee, took my hand, and asked me if I would marry Steve. I told my friend that I certainly would but didn’t he think the proposal should come from Steve??? So when the time came, Steve got down on both knees because he didn’t want to copy Bill’s “proposal”. I had never told him about the promise to my mom though, so when he asked me to marry him I said, “No, ask again.” He asked again and received the same answer… He was admittedly getting quite discouraged and was ready to stop asking. But I begged him to ask just one more time. So as he asked me once again. Being the “great romantic that I am”, I smiled, hugged and kissed him, and said, “Yes, I thought you’d never ask.” Receiving the ring a few months later was quite similar. He had contacted my girlfriend who knew which set I really liked. She showed him the set and he bought them. When he came to my apartment we went out to eat. I wanted to show him the ring first so I dragged him to the jewelry store to show him not knowing that he had it in his pocket. I was so depressed that someone had bought “my” ring that I was quite rude to be honest. I dragged him to a couple more jewelry stores and looked at rings but none was as special to me as “that set”. He had tried to leave it on my plate at the restaurant but he couldn’t get me to leave the table. So later back at the apartment, he tried to snuggle and I pushed him away. Finally he pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me if it made me feel better to finally get “my” ring. It was then that I punched him in the shoulder and said, “You snot! You had it with you all the time didn’t you???” He STILL married me! 🙂 June 5th we will celebrate our 35th anniversary and it’s been wonderful to be married to my best friend!

  7. I was living in Wisconsin at the time ministering with Shepherds Baptist Ministries. At the time, my soon to be wife was visiting me and decided to fix dinner for us in my studio apartment. Well, I was a nervous wreck trying to figure out when to propose to her.

    The table still had the dirty dishes on it and I just could not wait any longer. I was developing an ulcer just trying to hide my excitement. I grabbed the ring from my desk, got down on one knee and presented her the box. She was wearing my Word of Life Bible Institute class ring when suddenly it flew across the room and she put it on. It was wonderful.

  8. Ha! My husband had grand ideas of proposing under the grand finale of the July 4th fireworks on Lake Champlain, but when he picked up the ring on March 30, it was burning a hole in his pocket! LOL! He is very impulsive. So he came over to my mom’s house. I was upstairs, in bed, with the flu. I looked horrible, I felt horrible…. hardly the ideal engagement scenario. Definitely not the fireworks grand finale. But he got down on one knee beside my bed, and asked me to marry him……


  9. Love this. So unique. So happy you have a wonderful family. God bless.

  10. My husband of 22 years and I got engaged in my car. We went into Pace and I charged my wedding band set. We walked to my car; I sat behind the wheel and Chris sat in the passenger seat and proposed to me. He did pay off my credit card bill.

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