It’s Not About the Nail

Not just Monday – lighten up Monday! Here is a hilarious video that I think we can all relate to. Which person do you identify with the most? How have you handled situations like this? [reminder]


  1. I wasn’t able to see the video. It said Sorry this video is not available.

  2. I was not able to view this video. I have tried clicking on several places and have had no results.

  3. It is difficult to not help the people that you care about, especially when the solution seems so obvious, but I understand the need to just be listened to.

  4. I’ll soon be 80 and I believe I can relate to both along with being stubborn and hard headed. We continue to get in our own way and God continues to be faithful and loving and forgiving. What a great God we have. Blessings to you Ken for your sense of humor. The fact is I believe God has the greatest sense of humor ever – as the saying goes just look at the platypus and I think if we want to make God laugh just tell Him what we are going to do. Thanks for helping people laugh through their pain. Keep it coming!

  5. This video was hilarious!! It was so true to life that men don’t like to hear their wives talk about their emotions and men want to fix the problem as quickly as possible so the talking will end. I need a listening ear when I am troubled so I turn to God first in prayer and then if it is important I will share with my husband. This scenario is called marriage. I don’t know why God created man and woman so vastly different and then expected us to get along. We need to work on our marriage every day for it to last and at the end of the day it will be worth it.

  6. Reminds me of what Jesus said about the Law. It’s to show us how bad we are in light of God’s holiness, but we never want to talk about it (The Ten Commandments) . Maybe if she looked into a mirror? As Ray Comfort said, “The Law doesn’t help us, it only leaves us helpless.” That nail has definitely left her helpless to figure out why her sweaters are snagged, or why she has a constant headache, or why things won’t get better. The mirror. She needs to look into a mirror to see reality.
    Just like we need to look to the Ten Commandments to see our true self before a holy God!

  7. Aargh!!! I guess women need to come back to earth. Been on Venus too long. I can say this, as I am a wonan.

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