A Weakness For Candy

Hey friends! It’s Lighten Up Monday! Do your grandchildren have you wrapped around their little finger? Mine certainly do! Watch this clip and tell me….how can you say no??

[youtube id=”4bMj1qJxzNE”]


  1. Thanks Ken for all you do to live for Jesus and to encourage us! God bless you and your family!

  2. Perfect example, last week i had surgery do we brought over one of the granddaughters to help me while Hunny is at work. I have s special diet due to allergies. Yesterday my granddaughter asks to have one of my very expensive snack bars, after trying to get her to have something else i give in, so this morning Hunny asks what i would like b4 he goes to work and i say that last bar b4 Rain talks me out of it too

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