Acid Reflux

Let me see……  I think I know what day it is.  Oh yes! It’s Lighten Up Monday!  

Sometimes I wonder if advertisers ever listen to their own commercials. I laugh out loud at some of the ones I see on television. Especially the ones where the list of side affects is longer than the ad itself.  [youtube id=”z576GSn6GwA”]

If you enjoyed this clip you will really like the DVD it was taken from. See the rest of Ken’s crazy observations about life on “Together Again.”

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  1. I had a doctor who insisted that I take the no burpsium stuff for acid reflux. That stuff worked great, it wasn’t more than 2 weeks on the pills and I developed acid reflux. When I told him that the pills caused the dreaded acid reflux he was more then happy to prescribe another pill to combat the first pill and he even said if the side effects of pill 2 got too bad he would find me something to combat those side effect. I suggested that I quit taking the no burpsium to see if the dreaded acid reflux went away on its own and was told that quitting would be against medical advise and he would not be able to help me anymore. I quit taking the pill and went to see another doctor who told me that the pain in my arm wasn’t from un-diagnosed acid reflux it was due to a torn muscle.

  2. The truth is if we’d all eat a diet that HEALED our bodies, instead of destroying them, we wouldn’t have heart disease, acid reflux, most cancers, diabetes, etc. (not to mention the epidemic of obesity!).
    God put us in a GARDEN, there was our first clue.
    You’ll never hear “eat more chicken” to help with any disease. Animal products are the cause of disease. Its a shame God’s people, who pray “thy will be done on earth as in Heaven”, don’t get it!
    Eat misery and die people, you cannot avoid the principle of sowing and reaping.

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