Are You Having a Contraction?

Happy Lighten Up Monday! With a wife, two daughters and six grandchildren you’d think I would’ve learned NOT to ask this question…

Today’s Lighten Up Monday clip is from Ken’s Is It Just Me? DVD.


  1. I love Ken Davis, the first time I heard you, was the elevator story, you and my husband has so much in common, I was laughing so hard I was crying, I was stopped at my first park and loop of my mail carrying route in the city, and some of my customers came out to make sure I was ok, I tried to explain the story that I had just heard but, they couldn’t find the humor in it as much as I could because I live with a man who would do that too

  2. One of my first times hearing Ken speak, I was at the Gaither Family Resources in Alexandria Indiana. In one section of their shop, they had a little video monitor set up with a comfy couch to sit and watch. It was his story about driving along at night and the kids reading the signs along the farm fields:
    Corn! … Corn! … Corn! … Corn! … Corn! … Corn! … COW!!!

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