Bugs of Tennessee

Happy Lighten Up Monday! The bugs have begun to come alive here in Tennessee with the warm spring weather… Get your can of hairspray ready!

[youtube id=”o_EbjCQpZc4″]


  1. That’s hilarious! I once was on a missions trip in Colombia. The team and I stayed in a hostel where the bugs were not only big, but most had wings! Imagine a giant flying cockroach; you turn off the lights, and don’t know if they’re going to land on you. Forget hairsprays, where’s my bazooka?

  2. I am convinced that God did not intend for spiders to be included on the ark. They sneaked on when Noah wasn’t looking. They are all possessed by Satan!!

  3. I once used oven cleaner on a spider when I was single and had just moved into my own house. I was talking to Jason, now my husband, on the phone at the time. He still makes fun of me but he’s now the official spider killer of the house. I may have had cleaner spiders though!

  4. Thanks for the humor you have added to this world….. My sister and I first saw/heard you while on a Gaither Cruise in 2012.. on my 19th “Leap Year” birthday…. You were a hoot… and we enjoyed you so much….
    A friend saw you on my DVD and thought you were Mark…. but I told me…nonononono.. You do have striking features… and you both are so funny….
    God bless …. I got my can of hair spray ready for the spiders…..LOL

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