Curves, Bugs and Bicycles

It’s lighten up Monday. Are you living fully alive? No animals were injured during the events depicted in this story, however one comedian left some skin on the blacktop!

[youtube id=”vtqnF8xjVXI”]

Today’s clip is from Ken’s Fully Alive DVD.


  1. I ride a motorcycle…avidly…and I can certainly relate. Except the acorns for me are box turtles. I do remember a time when I was 11 years old with one of those old big tired bicycles and coming home from my job washing dishes at Sands Restaurant and Motel…Ray, who was the cook, road up along side me with his old Indian Motorcycle and said to me “Hey! Grab my hand!” And like an idiot, I did. I don’t know how fast we were going, but it felt like 51 miles per hour. The bottom of the bike started leaning in towards the bottom of the motorcycle and the front was wobbling my teeth out. He let go and I shot out of there like an arrow. Scared me to death, but I was alive! Been living ever since!

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