It’s Mighten up Londay.  I’ve lived with a low level of Dyslexia/ADHD most of my life.  I often have to rewrite these posts several times to correct all the mixed up letters and sentences. When I heard my friend, Paul Aldrich – who also struggles with the problem – sing this song,  I thought I would die laughing.

If you have Dyslexia I hope you find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Welcome to the club. If you don’t have Dyslexia, sooner or later you will exhibit some of the symptoms. If you can’t see the humor in this, that is a sadder disorder all of its own.
[youtube id=”3qhtuui19Ls”]

Any friends out there who live in my world?
How do you deal with it?
Can you laugh about it?[reminder]


  1. Too funny … I am GLAD he can laugh about it …
    I sometimes FEEL that way if I eat white flour and /or white sugar … but otherwise DO NOT … So I just DO NOT eat those things VERY often … ( BTW, I am allergic to wheat and dairy …. etc…. )
    GOD LOVE THIS MAN …. I LOVE his sense of humor …
    Thank you for sharing this Ken …

  2. Ken, One thing I am certain of is that you will die laughing..or was it that you were laughing when you were born?

  3. My great grandson struggles with this and needs extra help! My prayer is that he and other children/adults will discover Notice Ability an awesome program started by Dean Bragonier! Thanks for sharing the great song!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ken
    Thank you so much, Ken, for sharing this. All my life (I’m 55) I thought this was just one of my quirky things I did. I’ve been a perfectionist most of my life. I thought it was just me.
    When I email or text, I go back and check to make sure all the sentences and words are in their proper order.
    This song makes me feel so much better. I hope God really blesses your day when you read this.

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