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  1. Funny…haven’t heard anything from him in quite awhile. I’ve often said I type dyslexic because a lot of my words will be messed up; I don’t write or read dyslexic though so I finally decided it’s because I type so fast. My fingers get ahead of my brain, or maybe the other way around?? Lol

  2. I wake up every morning and have for many many years first listening to daily org then you … Lighten up and live. Wish you would also write for weekends…that would be terrific.
    Thank you so much for letting me associate with YOU.
    Jeannette, Mom of 3 Boys/2 Men; 1 teenager. 1 ADHD, Bipolar, High Functioning Autism, Asperger Syndrome. In other words after 25 yrs. no one REALLY knows. Falls under Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Maybe it’s named something different now.
    God Bless YOU and GODSPEED

  3. My mom used to say “You have got your tongue twisted aroud your eye teeth and you can’t see what you were going to say ” It works for me <3 Does this work for you <3 ^_^

  4. Yes me I have trouble remembering left from rt by association, I remember better eg. ,return address, left,stamp on right. BTW I think u r very funny clever, most dyslexic PPP. R very smart

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