Kansas Road Trip and Cows

It’s Lighten Up Monday! Ready for a laugh to start the week off right?

Here’s what happens when you mix a road trip through Kansas with grandchildren and a 2000 lb. cow!

Today’s Lighten Up Monday clip comes from Ken’s DVD, Under the Influence!


  1. Driving through Abilene Ks on 70 is a nice dinner place called Brooksville Hotel that serves a family style chicken dinner. IF you Ever make the trip again! 😉

  2. Love all your wonderful comedy. You see the ordinary things in our life in a different way. We were on a cruise with you in the past……….totally enjoyed every minute. You are very blessed. Thank you for all your hard work!!! All the traveling you do that is!

    Thanks…….In His GRIP!!!!

  3. You have insulted the great state of Kansas . You have missed the Gyp Hills and the Flint Hills, some of the most beautiful examples of prairie in the US.

  4. I travel from Wray, Colorado on I-70 frequently to Kansas City to see my daughter. I am 80, and drive by myself.
    I love the fact that the road is straight and no infernal cities with confusing intermingled highways looking like tangled pieces of yarn. Even Topeka, the capital, has I-70 going straight through the city. Hurrah for Kansas!!!

  5. We play the Corn/Soy game across Iowa 🙂 but we know enough to go through Nebraska when it’s dark!

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