Live With Nothing To Lose

Happy Lighten Up Monday!

Here’s a story about someone who completely missed the point. Sometimes our priorities can get a little mixed up!

Today’s clip is taken from my DVD, Good News.


  1. LOVE and look forward to ‘Lighten Up Mondays”
    Sue Stephens

  2. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written, Winters are never good for me. Any how I believe that if God came and said, “let’s go”, I’d like to believe that I’d say, “I’m ready take me”. However September of 2018 I was given yet another life expectancy guess of 3 years (for those keeping track this makes the third time I,or my parents, was/were told that my time on Earth was limited) so in reality I’d probably say, “God can we wait until sometime in 2022, I’ve got another Dr. to prove wrong”. I sure hope that God would understand and say, “sounds like a good idea. Let’s go for it.”

  3. Love this! This is so true! Thanks Ken! It does lighten my Monday days!

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