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It’s another Lighten Up Monday! How did you spend your Mother’s Day this weekend? Did you go out? Did you stay in? Watch this hilarious video to see what my friend Anita Renfroe wanted for Mother’s Day!


  1. Ken I have been a great fan of yours for years. Your jokes, stories and observations are great ways for me to start conversations to share the “Good News”.
    This year I joined my men’s group at our church to host our annual Mother’s Day breakfast/brunch for all the Mothers & daughters of our church and community. We used your friend’s “Mom Song” and “mom goggles” from another artist. The ladies enjoyed them very much. I also think it made the men more mindful of our spouses & daughters AND the respect and honor due them. David
    I’ve included the links for your review. Thanks, Ken

    Mom song

    Mom goggles

  2. Yeah, well, that’s exactly what I got this Mother’s day. No breakfast and a whole day in bed in my pyjama’s… cause I woke up sick. Felt terribile… Not as fun as Anita pictures it

  3. Too cute! My daughter has three little ones under ten, two are 2yrs old. Plus going to beauty school & when she mows the lawn, it’s a quarter acre.

  4. Hey Ken,
    So, I don’t usually leave a comment…but I was so surprised by this, I didn’t know what else to do!
    Mother’s day is all about appreciating the fact that God blessed certain women with the privilege of being Mothers! Not everyone who wants children is blessed of God to have them. And everyone who is, should treasure the little blessings God has given them! They are priceless treasures!
    I know a woman who had 6 miscarraiges. Do not you think she would love to be with those little babies? to spend time with them? to clean up after they made her breakfast in bed? etc.? This song seems rather like a slap in the face, or a bad joke to ‘Motherwannabes’.
    I love spending time with my Mom, not just on Mother’s day, but any day I can; just to show how much she means to me. If she hung a NO KIDS ALLOWED sign on her door, that would say, ‘Mom doesn’t care to be a Mom She doesn’t love motherhood”. That makes no sense! Mother’s are supposed to be the loving figure. The one who cares, the one who caresses, the one who shows her care by staying up all hours of the night; without feeling like she is strapped in, and needs to get out!
    If you’re blessed to be a mother:
    Be thankful for the cards, and candy, brunch, and flowers! Enjoy the moments of horrific drama!Enjoy your places to go, your one million things to do! Enjoy cleaning up every spill and mess!Laundry, and carpools, with house rules, too so many things Mothers get to do!!! No places to run, the schedules to keep, is why certain women don’t get any sleep. Why do you need a time out? Can you not handle your own children?! Be careful what you wish for! PLEASE send me to my room! I know someone who had to spend over a year in their room, because they received a concussion…it wasn’t any fun! The stress that you face, accept it with grace! It is obvious the Mother child connection is not what it should be!
    I just cannot imagine my Mother wanting a day that is all hers, for her children are her life!
    Like I said…I was surprised!

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