It’s another Lighten Up Monday! The people I describe in this clip have done a lot to lighten up my life. People learn the goofiest ways to describe where they live. If you are from one of the states I mention, remember to keep your sense of humor as you watch this – I often make fun of my own state as well.
[youtube id=”VXgt-rt7IAY”] This clip taken from I’m Not Ok. For more info or to purchase, click here.


  1. I absolutely have grown to love you and your comedy. I can’t get enough of it! Thank you for being such an open person. God Bless you. (P.S. Lived in CO and most of the grandkids are there….

  2. When you live in a state with a unique shape, such as Michigan, inevitably parts of it become known as parts of that shape: there’s the “tip of the mitt”—where the Straits of Mackinaw is located, there’s “the thumb” which sticks into Lake Huron east of Saginaw, there’s “the little finger” which juts into Lake Michigan north of Traverse City, the state capitol of Lansing is located in “the palm”. Then there’s that strip at “the wrist” which Michigan ceded to Indiana so that they would have a port on the Great Lakes—the wrist used to run straight across the southern boundary.
    Have we mentioned the “northern peninsula”? A whole other story! Let alone what people from Michigan are to be called. The old form was “Michigander”, but since “gander” is only male, that meant the women from Michigan were “Michigeese”? They tried to change to a non sexual word like “Michiganian” back in the 1950’s, but it never did catch on.

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