Smelly Room

It’s Lighten Up Monday! If you have a daughter who spends a lot more time on her appearance than on cleaning her room, you’ll be able to relate to this video!
[youtube id=”bNI-WjzGy7Q”] [reminder] Can you relate to this? How do (or did) you handle it when your kids’ rooms were messy? [/reminder]

Today’s Lighten Up Monday clip was taken from the DVD, God Wants Your Body.


  1. I didn’t have girls but I did have 1 boy.
    And I think he was just as bad if not worse….
    Never cleaned his room….and
    When he hit puberty…OH my, and if he didn’t take the time to shower, fies would fall in mid air….
    I would leave him in his room till he cleaned it….as punishment……it didn’t work, I don’t think his smaller kicked in till he got his own house…..
    He is so clean now…..he works hard all day and then comes home cooks a good meal and cleans……..
    I still cant figure it out…….

  2. I am blessed with 3 daughters, my husband didn’t agree with my solution but he stuck with me. Six days a week if they didn’t shut their doors I did, so I didn’t have to see the mess. My rule, once a week they had to clean it up, get everything off the floor and bed that didn’t belong there. They knew I would be cleaning and anything not belonging on the floor or bed (no matter how much they needed it) – was gone – not once did I have to throw away anything. They knew my word was good & picked up the day before I cleaned up. Their vanity was their’s to do what they wanted. By the way, they grew out of it.

  3. I put a sign on our daughter’s door, Jennifer’s Museum, where everything is on display!

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