A Visine Threat

Well I’ll be! It’s Lighten Up! Monday again! If you can lighten up in the security line at the airport, you can lighten up anywhere!

[youtube id=”Y2qv2Jj7Yek”] This clip taken from Under The Influence. For more info or to purchase, click here.

[reminder] Have you had a unique experience with the TSA? [/reminder]


  1. I got my pack of single serving applesauces confiscated for being too large of a liquid volume! Another time they were going to take my full size brand new toothpaste that I had flown with a week earlier! Go figure.

  2. Coming home from Kyrgyzstan in 06′ from a military deployment when the liquid prohibition started I was forced to give up my water bottle, eye-drops and toothpaste. It was a chartered airplane with American military personnel returning home from lengthy deployments. Not really sure that any one of us would have jeopardized our opportunity to go home with those dangerous liquids. Thirty-six hours later I was able to brush my teeth.

  3. I tell you I laughted till I cried and am still chuckling with wet eyes as I type this. I thank God for the gift of humor you have been given. You make life so much richer. Having just celebrated my 80th birthday, I have only flown about 8 times (hey that’s once for every 10 years) but there is truth in what you say. Thank you again for the joy you share and may God continue to bless you richly.

  4. Wow, what a way to start my day. I saw this posted on LinkedIn today and had to share it. Now I’m writing to just say thanks and I’m glad I found you!

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