Sunday Mornings

What day is it? Lighten Up Monday! Today’s clip describes a Sunday in the life of the Davis family when our kids were still at home. Can you relate?

Today’s clip is taken from a Twisted Mind.


  1. Nicely done today Ken. You give hope to us idiots everywhere. I did the same thing after parking the car and finding Pat standing in the back of a dark auditorium. I came up behind her, put my arm around her waist, she quickly turned, and it wasn’t her.

  2. Funny story….but I truly loved the part AFTER. Thanks Ken for your fears for God and your family.

  3. Good Morning Brother Ken,

    Thank You for the Monday Morning Liven Up ..

    What ever you pic, new or old … they brighten my morning, noon and night.

    God Bless.

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