The Confused Stage of Life

A good Lighten Up Monday morning to you! People always request this story so we thought we’d post it again for you to enjoy. Here’s to the confused stage of life!

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  1. I can give you confused. Here is a story you will enjoy! One year while I was attending the Women of Faith conference, I chose on the Friday night to not park in one of the nearby garages. I found a parking area not too far away and walked to the arena. I came in the back side of the building. After the evening was over, I came out and went down the elevator to go back to my car, but where I came out of the elevator wasn’t where I came in. So I went back up and then went down the other elevator. Still wasn’t where I came in. I went back up to look for another elevator but there wasn’t one. I went back down the first elevator and then realized that the elevator didn’t go down to the level I came in at. So now I am walking back to my car in the company of a lot of disgruntled Metallica fans (their concert was cancelled). Then my car was blocked in and took a good ten minutes of maneuvering to get it out. So on the Saturday, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake. I parked in the closest garage. When the event ended, I went out the door I thought I came in but it wasn’t the right door. I tried 5 different doors on different levels before I figured out which door I came in. I thought I was going to have to sleep there.

    1. Welcome to the club dear friend. Thank you sharing your story. I could feel your confusion clear across cyberspace. Blessings.

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