The Confused Stage

A good Lighten Up Monday morning to you! People always request this story so we thought we’d post it again for you to enjoy. Here’s to the confused stage of life!

[youtube id=”hxYkAFEP6Hk”]

This clip taken from Fully Alive.


  1. I love listening and watching you on cassette, VCR, DVD, and the Internet. I have been a fan since my Christian Bible College days at Otterburne, MB, Canada at Providence College (formerly known as Winnipeg Bible College). You came for our Youth Conference Week. I have your ‘ How to talk so kids will listen’ book and cassette kit. Do you perhaps have that kit as a dvd kit to sell? I would love to listen to it again, I loved the part when you said “For $20 bucks teach me to stand up. I already know how to ‘sit down and turn around’. ” LOL. Anyway, keep up the great work. God Bless. – Ed Benner

    1. Author

      Hi Ed!

      Thanks so much for your kinds words and for taking the time to comment! Unfortunately, there is no DVD for Ken’s “How to Speak to Youth” material, just the book. We also have the following books and CDs in case you are interested in more family content:

      How to Live with Your Parents Without Losing Your Mind
      Audio CD:

      How to Live with Your Kids When You’ve Already Lost Your Mind
      Audio CD:

      How to Speak to Youth and Keep them Awake at the Same Time (I think you mentioned you have this already)

      Thanks again for your encouragement – we always love hearing how lives are affected by Ken!



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