Two Words of Advice from Bob Newhart

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  1. Today I have determined to also “START IT”! There are things I have been needing/intending to do in order to live fully alive. Not ready to be buried alive (or dead) in a box! You are a great inspiration. Thanks for your encouragement and for always making me laugh!

  2. Absolutely hilarious….made me laugh…a gut laugh right out loud. But on another level it actually makes a person think about how we allow neurotic thoughts control us….when we should just “STOP IT!”

  3. Well put…though in a humorous way, this segment has a point…a thought provoking point…besides coming from a person who is satirically funny!

  4. Several years ago, my pastor actually preached a sermon on this theme after showing this to the congregation. It’s a classic! Thanks for sharing.

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