Will You Marry Me?

It’s another Lighten Up Monday! I wanted my engagement to be different… Well, this clip shows that I got my wish.
[youtube id=”OtK2vG3NWuY”] [reminder]Tell me about how you got engaged! [/reminder] You may enjoy the rest of this story.  It can be found on a DVD entitled It’s enough to make a Grown Man Cry.


  1. On about the fourth trip down to see his parents (we always went for the weekend) Bob went uptown to visit buddies leaving me to wash and (roller) set my very long (waist-length) hair. I was sitting on the floor in the living room, under the dryer, reading when he came home and held out a small bag. I opened it, stared at him as he asked “Do you want it?”. I was speechless as I put it on my left hand. The ring was loose so I switched it to my right hand. He told me “no the other hand”.
    His parents were out on a daylong event so we spent the rest of the day visiting his sisters and showing off the ring. That night at is oldest sister’s house, there was an accident – one of the kids put her hand through the glass of a screen door. His other sister fainted while the mom (naked from the shower) phoned the doctor’s and Bob helped his niece, I ended up with four crying, screaming kids ages 2-8 on my lap. He drove mom & daughter to doctor’s for stitches and left me there to entertain the kids and the other sister.
    I married him anyway.
    We had known each other five months. Next May it will be 40 years ….

  2. I got my ring on a piece of cheesecake while watching the movie Alien with a bunch of friends. I did not want the piece of cheesecake and could not understand why he was practically begging me to “at least try a bite”

  3. He took me to see The Phantom of the Opera in Toronto. Before the show, he took me into a closed restaurant that had a grand piano. He had arranged with the restaurant owner to allow him to play the piano and sing me a song. The loud rock and roll music that normally played while the kitchen workers prepared for peak hours that evening was turned off. However…someone hadn’t been clued in to what was going on and in the middle of my husband’s performance of the proposal song that he had written, one of the workers turned the loud music back on. I missed the actual proposal line in the song. After he had finished, he was just looking at me waiting for me to say yes. But, I wasn’t sure if he had asked or not so I said nothing. He finally said, “Well?” He told me later that he was afraid that the answer was no and had been disappointed that the entire thing had been rather anticlimactic. So…I guess I ruined his proposal…but I did say “yes.” This coming Saturday marks 23 years of marriage for us.

  4. I sent Cindy an instant message through the work messaging program that said, “How about if we take 1/2 day on Friday and go out and elope.” then to top it off I didn’t sign my name, I used my employee id number instead. This was just over 17 years ago and about three years ago we decided to try dating each other that is. Something we never did before we got married.

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