How to Maximize Media Exposure!

KD Blog 9.24.15Over the years I have done several television and radio interviews that were prime opportunities to promote Ken Davis Productions and the programs that we provide. After some dismal failures, I quickly learned some valuable lessons about how to maximize these short and important opportunities.

1. Know exactly what you want to accomplish and the points you will use to get there.

Being there just for exposure is not enough.

People die of exposure.
People get arrested for exposure.

For example: In an interview promoting my devotional Lighten up and Live, the interviewer asked about the importance of humor in a down economy.  I wasted the entire time in a rambling attempt to be funny. Instead I should have delivered something of value that would make people want to read my book.

Had I planned and delivered an interview that outlined “three ways to keep your sense of humor in a down economy” it would have been a much more powerful interview. It would have been even better if I had practiced this next point…

2. Control the interview. 

It wasn’t the best use of time to limit my interview to “humor in a down economy”. I should have communicated with my host ahead of time. Let your host know the points you want to cover. Most of the time they will be happy to accommodate.

Most of them have NOT read your book or seen your program. They value direction that will help them prepare their questions.

If an interview begins to go off track. Be polite and answer the question asked then move quickly back to your plan.

I went into the “humor in a down economy” blind. Had I spent a few minutes before the interview I could have encouraged the host to ask about how humor is important to a life of faith. It would have been a much more powerful interview.

3.  Keep everything short and crisp.

In my first television interview, I tried to illustrate the first point with a long story. Time ran out. I never got past point one or the story. Five points in a three minute segment isn’t going to cut it.

It would have been better to discuss two compelling points and encourage the audience to read the book for more. 

4. Let people know where they can get your product. 

Drive people to your website. Say the name more than once. Ask your host to remind their audience of your website. Most importantly make sure whatever you are promoting is front and center on your website.

I did dozens of radio interviews promoting Lighten up and Live only to discover that I had failed to make sure my team had added it to the website. I woke in a cold sweat one night realizing that we had never put the book on our website. I just broke out in another cold sweat remembering the mistake. That will never happen again.

5. Have fun.

Get your point driven home and have fun doing it. If you have been crisp and crystal clear there will be time to banter and have fun with your host.

These opportunities don’t come along every day so make the best of them.

Oh! I almost forgot. If you don’t have Lighten up and Live you can get it right here.

Have you ever had a media opportunity you wished you could do over? [reminder]

What would you change? [reminder]



  1. Ken,
    I sure could have used “How To Maximize Media Exposure Last night! small group, and got thrown off course and was led in a totally different direction, could not sleep thinking about what I should have said. It was almost word for word on what you have in what to do! and I know better. being with you in several of your seminars and conferences . The Lord works in mysterious ways! I come across your message today, and it was just what I needed. I will never forget again! Thanks for being there!
    Tony Giorgio,Living With Victory Ministries

  2. Ken,
    I am about to have the first most important media interview of my life next week. Every word you shared makes great sense Ken. This opportunity was much more than I ever expected and I will work to keep things crisp and sharp. This opportunity has put me with one of the top Publishers leadership and I just want to be myself and share the passion for what I am doing. Your message was right on time. The lord has been stirring in me for months now. I have come a long way since SCORRE15!

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