A Wild Surprise 70th Birthday Bash

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  1. Sorry, Ken, that we didn’t get a chance to send you a video. But Happy Belated Birthday! You continously make us laugh as we have related to your stories through the years. Thank you for blessing us with laughter and with encouragement to walk the way of Christmas.

    In His love,
    Mark & Gail Beach

  2. Happy belated birthday, Ken! You’ve brightened the days of so many people; it’s wonderful that you could experience some of that in return. Sorry, no video message, but passing on my sincere wishes and prayers for God to continue to shower you with His richest blessings.

  3. Happy birthday Ken!!!! I would imagine that you were hourse from laughing. Sounds like they all got even with you. I wish you many many more and maybe we can travel to the 80th!!

    We gave my momnlaw an 80th last year. She loves Christmas, so it was Christmas theme on Nov 18. Everyone were Christmas, decorated Christmas and Christmas cake!! We did the same thing when my brother turned 40 in April. It was more fun in April, but easier to plan starting with all the Christmas closeouts the year before and everyone gave a christmas card for his birthday!!

    Okay, keep on reading!!

  4. Happy birthday Ken, you are one of my family’s dearest most treasured memories together. Yes you…. we attended one of your shows in Walla Walla WA about 16 years ago. You gave my family your personal touch, you had asked who had dogs (I cannot remember why) but one person had two wiener dogs named Oscar and Meyer, then my youngest son about 4 or 5 at that time speaks up and said we have a wolf. You came over to us, and proceeded to make a very special night for that family of 5. It’s something we still talk about from time to time, and you have been my favorite comedian ever since. God has blessed you with such a love for people it was obvious. Thank you, hope you have many more birthdays to come. Love always

  5. I hope your incredible Birthday Bash was as amazing as you are! A Belated Happy Birthday to you, Ken.

    Through your writings and all the videos I’ve watched of you over the years, you’ve taught me SO much! You’ve taught so very many Biblical Truths, it always makes me want to dig much deeper into God’s Word. That you’ve taught with so much humor is a HUGE added bonus! I thank you, Ken. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. Please. I have SO much to learn from you still!
    The Lord’s Blessings to you, Ken.
    (PS: HOW is it out Grandchildren keep growing up but WE don’t age? If you figure that one out, will you please let me know?)

    In Christ’s Perfect Love,

  6. Thank you for including us in this wonderful night. You and Diane will always be dear friends to Doug and me!

    Love ya Ken

  7. 3 years ago, on July 13th, 2013, we surprised my Grandma on her 80th Birthday. Family and friends got together, to celebrate her. She is precious, to so many. My Dad had told her to be ready. That him and and my Mom was going to take her out for Lunch. He picked her up, and turned into the church parking lot. He said some of her friends from church wanted to wish her a happy Birthday. My Grandma was like, “Look at all these cars. Wonder what’s going on today?” Everyone inside was just anticipating her coming through the doors. When she walked in, we yelled “SURPRISE!!!” She was taken back, and was definitely surprised. I remember just crying, and thinking how special she is to me. What’s funny is the shirt she wore actually matched her 80th Birthday Cake, which was shaped in an 8 and a 0. Wish we could attach pictures in a comment, and I would show it to you. The next day our family went to the Beach. That day and ever since, she has reflected on that day. She said that she would never forget that moment as long as she lived. She tends to be very modest about how much she means to people. We remind her everyday just how much she is loved. She’s the best Grandma ever! Please pray for her. She has throat cancer, and is also getting over from having the crud. Pray for healing, peace, and comfort for her. Thank you, Ken, for sharing your 70th Birthday Bash with us. I know that you were blessed by that night. You are a blessing to so many, and I am one of the many who has been blessed by the laughter and wisdom you give. Though I’ve never met you, (hope to one day soon) you have made an impact on my life. Thankful to the Lord, for the way he uses you. I pray thay God blesses you abundantly, and gives you every desire of your heart!

    Your Sister in Christ,
    Jennifer Teske

  8. Ken, my wife and I were so inspired by your “Fully Alive” book & video… sadly however, we’re still on the couch…next year! Happy Birthday blessings from all of us at The Lighthouse WECC!

  9. Will you please turn 70 again next year…I don’t remember the last time I laughed that hard!! What a blessing you are Ken!

    Terri Day

  10. P.S. Happy Belated Birthday, Ken!! Here’s an acrostic that I just made for your name. Hope it blesses and encourages you.

    Ken Davis…

    K- Knows that God Keeps Him safe
    E- Encourages Everyone with laughter Everyday (and)
    N- Nurtures Numerous people with the Nature of God


    D- Delights in the Lord Daily/Desires (to)
    A- Always Affirm All Around him (uses his)
    V- Voice (as an)
    I- Instrument of Inspiration
    S- Shares Jesus his Savior with everyone and Steadfastly Seeks and Serves Him

    “For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb. 14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” Psalm 139:13-14

    Your Sister in Christ,
    Jennifer Teske

  11. So happy you enjoyed your 70th…The best part to me ….your grandkids….I have 21, 18 living….they tell me all the time they love me….and I love them more….sometimes that turns into a game…I win, cuz I’m older….LOL. Thank you Ken, for all the laughter. Carolyn Raley

  12. Happy 70th birthday! I am grateful for how the Lord has worked in your life and for teaching me that one cannot forecast how a person and his unique personality can be used for His glory. From my encounter with you at Oak Hills Bible school, the journey has been truly amazing. Looking forward to hearing you speak at Willow church Saturday night. May the Lord continue to use your weird but uplifting personality. Geri Penz

  13. Dear Ken,

    I have been following you for quite some time now and have not only rolled in laughter at your daily happenings but also have grown spiritually because of you and been emboldened to live for the Lord better.

    You have such a love for God that is contagious. I want to wish you a belated birthday and another wonderful year.

  14. Belated birthday wishes Ken. Our Pastor – Kim Smith – at the Newfane NY United Methodist church introduced you to us in a video for our Bible Study several years ago and we have been fans every since. He – Pastor Kim – had to leave to do a funeral so left your video for our Bible Study that day. Have purchased several of your videos since and enjoy everyone. I also enjoy your posts on Facebook. You definitely brighten our days. Your birthday celebration sounds absolutely fantastic. Wish we could have been there! Once again – Happy Birthday – and I hope you have many more wonderful years to enjoy your family and to entertain and inspire us.
    Janis Gominiak
    God’s Blessings on you always,
    Janis Gominiak

  15. I’m glad that you’ve made it to 70, because I’ve studied your speaking techniques intently. I have learned a lot not only from your style, but also from your testimony. Thank you for your faithfulness to The Heavenly Father, we appreciate it!

  16. Wow! I do so wish we could have been there. This sounds like it was a blast. And it sounds like you may have gotten something worthwhile out of it. But the real question is did you get money? I mean, like, piles of cash. ‘Cause that’s how you tell who your true friends are. I know we sent a small (hey, we’re on Social Security!) U-haul of cash. I hope you got it OK. Anyway, Happy Birthday again.
    Edd and Stephanie

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