1. Great thoughts, Ken. I always say that emotions are a formidable foe. Emotional decisions are seldom wise decisions. That’s why car dealers don’t want you to go home and think about your potential purchase. They need our emotional decisions. The harder we try to control our emotions, the more difficult it seems to be. These tips will certainly make their way into my life and, hopefully, into the lives of those I influence.

    1. Emotions can be our friend or our enemy. Depends on what they are anchored to. Thanks so much for your comment, Terry.

  2. Ken, perhaps this was written just for me.
    I am currently rebuilding, restoring, and healing after a major explosion. Not an explosion of anger, but an explosion of the one bad decision that can destroy everything – a marriage, children, friendships, career.
    I’m learning there is strength in vulnerability. As men, we often believe just the opposite. Vulnerability = Weakness. However, through confessing, admitting I need help, admitting that I am tired of trying to control everything, I am witnessing incredible faithfulness of a loving God. I have now gotten out of my own way and allowed God to work.
    Guilt and shame are present daily, but for now, the room is being aired out.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Ken.

    1. Thank you for your transparency and honesty. It is a sign of gratefulness and an honor to God. I pray for your continued healing.

  3. You have no idea how much I needed to read this today! But God knew!!! I have been praying about my own frustrations and anger over the attitude of another… I love your comment that we can’t change others… and I am learning that I can allow God to change me! Thank you, Ken, once again…

  4. I am inn this now. I am getting some professional counseling, as is my husband. This morning’s sermon was on diffusing anger before it goes into sin. We are in our second year of trials in o ur family…involving my husband’s health and our daughter’s nasty divorce…and I am trying to finish up some courses in college. To say the least, I have had to be in humility lessons again. The “missing socks” have already exploded and spilled around the room. I have lost count on my bursts of anger because of fear of the future, stress to keep my A GPA, my husband’s job situation and the emotions with our daughter, added to this loss of good sleep. So, Scripture says He will give me rest. So will continue to be in His word, exercise and get some good sleep.

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