Will the Tigers Eat Us?

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  1. Last May, while I lay in a hospital bed recovering from surgery for an infected Knee implant, we were informed that my husband had cancer – lung, brain (inoperable). He was given 6 – 8 months. Well with treatment – radiation and chemo – even though it has spread/appeared in his ribs and live, he is still here and feeling the best he has since the diagnosis. Since then I have had another knee implant and subsequent surgery for infection on that one though the implant is safe since it was caught quickly. I worry that I am not strong enough to face all this – and yesterday we completed “end of life” plans for my husband – I have never and am not alone in this. Never have I felt the Lord nearer than these last two years – through my surgery and treatment for breast cancer and the initial knee replacement, then the infection and agony of that leading to that surgery in May. I am safwe in the hands of God; my husband is safe in the hands of God; my family is safe in the hands of God. Yes I fear the tigers but God is stronger and fiercer than the tigers.

  2. This points out the fact that we need not only talk to children but listen with both ears and hearts and draw them out. We must truly concentrate on hearing not only what they verbalize but looking at them and be tuned to what they are saying and what they are feeling. A look can often tell more than our words. I’m so glad you listened with your ears and heart. I’m a mother, grandmother and great grandmother and am surely blessed and may I say, you are not only blessed but a blessing.

  3. I had total right hip replacement surgery Dec 21 2016. Right now, I am planning around the next surgery. April 5 2017 will be total left hip replacement surgery. Fear of not being able to go back to work totally new and able to walk the same. My walk with God never changes, but I know my ability to walk as before may be altered. All is in His hands and He holds my tomorrows in His hands.

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