Two Steps to Recharging Your Life

As I look forward to this summer at the cabin I decided to repost a blog from the summer of 2012. It describes one of the many times God spoke to me through his breathtaking creation. I hope you enjoy pondering these points again – or perhaps for the first time…

I was sitting on the porch of our Colorado cabin looking out at the 14,000 ft peak of majestic Mount Princeton. After a hurried week of traveling, I could feel energy trickling back into my soul.

An extraordinary source of Power!

When we first arrived we discovered that all the recreation vehicles had dead batteries.  I took them to a shop where the dealer said they should sit quietly on a shelf to accept a charge of “new life” if you will, from an external power source.

Now it was my turn to recharge – as I sat quietly looking at the mountain. I closed my eyes and could feel that trickle of energy that comes from the power source that created it all.  I could almost hear God’s voice give me instructions.

1. “Be Still”

2. “And know that I am God”

Since I was already feeling renewal, I thought, “I will write a blog about being still.”

So I hurried into the cabin,

– grabbed the computer,

– hurried back outside,

– connected to Word Press

and took a picture of myself with the spectacular view of the mountain reflected in the cabin window behind me.

Just before the levitation!

Then I levitated about three feet as lightning hit less than a hundred yards from our porch.

I disappeared into the cabin without my feet touching the ground.   I heard a still small voice say, “What part of ‘Be still’ don’t you understand.”  So I sat quietly and watched in awe as the magnificent storm passed.  I heard the “I am God” in the earthshaking thunder and I let it sink in.  Perhaps tomorrow would be a better time to post my thoughts. So here I am.

“Be still and know that I am God.”  Two steps to recharging your life.  Or you can choose a bolt of lightning which can lead to overcharging.

Do you find it hard to be still?  Can you remember a time when you were still and felt the power of the creator recharge you?  As always I look forward to your comments.[reminder]


  1. It is difficult to be still in a life where we try to have control. But when I try to “fix” the problems in my life I only find myself exhausted and discouraged. Giving it all to God is when I begin to find peace during my trials.

  2. I’m finding that to “Be still (or stop striving) and know that I am God” is one of the greatest pleasures God has for us in this life. Sitting at the beach or before a beautiful mountain vista, we feel how small we are in comparison to God’s creation. Those experiences wonderfully parallel but cannot fully capture the privilege of being little in the presence of our Almighty, tenderhearted Father. The peace and joy that enters my soul in His presence is beyond words to capture, just as the picture of that wonderful Colorado mountain vista cannot capture the actual feeling of standing there, especially when that lightning hit!

  3. I love this. It reminds me of the moments where I look around and from what would appear to be absolutely no where – tears fill my eyes. I live for these moments – we live out in the country and this is where my heart sings and I can feel God’s peace. I am working (sometimes struggling) on bringing this peace with me as I go places – any advice on not letting the world drain me? I’ll take it! 🙂

  4. Beautiful and so true. Sounds like you wrote about me. How often God had to use lightening and thunder to get my attention. HAHAHA. In fact, often He has to whisper His answers to me at 2 am (the only time my mouth and mind are quiet) so I can actually listen.

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