Hang On – It’s a Hurricane!

Good morning!  It’s Lighten Up Monday!  If you have ever seen a reporter standing on beach as a hurricane approaches, you will understand this clip.
[youtube id=”Y2lpIMvXaj0″]

If you think I am exaggerating, watch this reporter



  1. Sandy and I experienced Hurricane Jeanne in 2004. We were
    scheduled for a condo in Daytona Beach. On the way from Arkansas they called and
    said because of the impending hurricane, they were closing. It was part of a
    time share so they offered Orlando. We accepted. Jeanne, like some women do,
    changed her mind a few days later and decided to come to Orlando.

    We decided to ride it out. We went for groceries, candles
    and flashlights. When we arrived back at the room, they had placed duct tape
    over the key card slots in the door. The guy doing the taping was at the condo
    next to us. I asked him what he was doing? He said he was trying to keep the
    driving rain that was being blown by the extremely high winds out of the key
    card readers. All he had to say was he was keeping the locks dry. With all this
    articulation, my wife of nearly 30 years at the time, began hyperventilating. I
    stepped in the condo and knew what I had to do.

    I found a room in Bradenton, Florida. It was NOT supposed to
    be in the path. We took the long drive with our food, flashlights and candles.
    We checked in and Jeanne changed her mind again. She was headed our way. We
    rode it out. I slept like a baby because I had a 24 hour in-room weather monitoring
    device named Sandy.

    The funniest thing I witnessed was a smoker trying to light
    a cigarette in hurricane force winds. Sandy would not let me take a photo.
    Didn’t know if the flying debris or the cigarettes would get her first.

    I’m glad this experience is on my résumé and not on my to-do list. Personally, I see why you enjoy the peacefulness of your cabin over a hurricane any day. Thanks for
    the Monday laugh and reminder.

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