A rose is not just a rose

Sometimes a cheap camera is all you need to find out that a rose is not just a rose. Randy Elrod demonstrated this when he captured this beautiful photo of two roses in a shaft of sunlight. What did you see in his photo? Did you see Just two roses? If that is all you saw, you missed so much. The beauty of that photo is in the light and the shadows and the nuance of color and the discovery of colors that you would never guess exist in a rose……unless you actually looked deeper. A rose is not just a rose it is a myriad of sensory elements that when combined bring a gasp of amazement. God brings the same nuance to every day of life. too often my days are just days, a blank white space in a calendar. If I miss the tingle of cold on my cheeks, the rustle of leaves in the wind, the giggle of my granddaughter, the rose in her cheeks, then I will never capture the moment.

Every moment of our lives is crammed with awesome sensory evidence of a living, loving God. Go back and look at Randy’s photo again. Then look at today again……. See what I mean?


  1. sometimes I look at my kids when they don’t know it and see the wonder in their eyes at the world around them and see the happiness and softness on their faces. Not a care in the world for that moment, and then I realize thats how it is supposed to be all the time. God’s love softens our face and lets the wonder shine through

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