Who stole spring?

For the last week it has been close to freezing or below in Tennessee. The trees had just started to show there new spring fashion when the cold hit. The coldest temperatures on record. The morning after the deep freeze, the beautiful green that had replaced the gray of winter was gone.


Everything was brown again. It was devastating to think that spring had been stolen. I wondered out loud if the beauty was ruined for the season. After all, this kind of cold had never happened since record keeping began. After asking if the damage was permanent, I was assured that after a relatively short and sad dormant period, the color and light and exuberance of spring would return.

So God’s grace is even demonstrated in nature!


If it is brown and gray and dreary where you are in your life today, don’t give up. The color and light will return. It won’t rain all the time. When the colors return to the trees and flowers here, I will show you a picture of what we call the broccoli hills of Tennessee. Until then keep looking up. Spring is still coming.

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