A Bottle of Visine

Well I’ll be!  It’s Lighten Up! Monday again!  If you can lighten up in the security line at the airport, you can lighten up anywhere!

[youtube id=”Y2qv2Jj7Yek”] This clip taken from Under The Influence. For more info or to purchase, click here.

[reminder] Have you had a unique experience with the TSA? [/reminder]


  1. Great stuff. I fly a lot so I am used to these confrontations. My worst one was about 3 months ago when I was forced to throw away a tube of shaving gel because it was .2 oz over the limit and there was a young woman in line behind me that got to go through with a Bic disposable cigarette lighter. Apparently, shaving gel is more of a security threat than portable fire. And the worst part, to me, is you can’t smoke in the airport or on the plane so why do you need a lighter in the first place?

  2. only experience I’ve had with the TSA since 9/11 was when I went through the local airport. I was scanned with electronic spanking paddle, patted down, had my carryon searched down to actually going through my tobacco pouch. They missed the knife and screw driver sitting next to the tobacco pouch. coming back home through the Minneapolis airport, same thing with the same results. Two airports neither one found the knife or screwdriver that I was illegally carrying on the plane. So the next time I was at the airport seeing Cindy off I asked to speak to the head of security about their oversight. His answer was, “Next time you fly keep your mouth shut about what you have in your carryon luggage.”

  3. I like to crochet and bring needlework on the plane….I am afraid they will confiscate my crochet hook because they worry that I might make an Afghan while we are in midair.

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