Jeff Allen – A Parent of Teenagers Survivor!

It’s Lighten Up Monday!  I think it was Bill Cosby that said, “It is best to keep young children in a barrel and feed them through a hole.  When they reach the teenage years, weld shut the hole.”  Anyone who has raised a teenager will enjoy Jeff Allen’s take on the subject.
[youtube id=”ay5qYZgo86E”] [reminder]Is it possible for a parent with teenagers to lighten up?  How did you survive those years? [/reminder] 


  1. how did I deal with it? LOL…that’s when I became a comedian! When my son was beginning his teenage years, my mother was beginning her golden years and I was becoming insane. I am pleased to say, 11 years later, I am still performing clean comedy and both my mother and son survived me surviving his teenage years. Best story during that time was my son went on his first date and was going to play mini golf and asked for money—he asked for $100 dollars. I almost fainted. I said, “Who are you playing with, Tiger Woods?” To which my son answered back, “I don’t want to look cheap…” And I looked at him, handed him $20 and said, “How about poor, because that’s what you are!”

  2. Thank you for bring laughter into my home. I need it to raise my 15 year old twins daughters ! You ROCK Ken.

  3. Ken, Jeff was right on. I had always heard that it was Mark Twain who talked about keeping kids in a barrel, but I sure would not be surprised if Bill Cosby said it too.

  4. The teenage years are exactly like the “terrible twos” except now they can talk back! And they last seven years instead of one.

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