An Encounter with a Tennessee Spider!

Hi friends. It’s Lighten Up Monday!  This clip creeps me out.   I could find a snake in my sleeping bag and it wouldn’t bother me.  I woke up with a porcupine in my tent. It didn’t bother me.  I had a mouse run up my pant leg. It was the last trip he ever took.  But if there is a spider in the room…….. I’m GONE!!!  I used to know how to stop a spider in his tracks.  But that was before I moved to Tennessee.
[youtube id=”o_EbjCQpZc4″] [reminder]What are you afraid of?[/reminder]


  1. Bats, they make their way into my apartment every summer when its very hot and humid!

  2. Mice!! I had one in my sleeping back on a Mission Trip and that was NOT good. To make a long story short…I ended up breaking my ankle getting away from the mouse!! Those were the longest 8 weeks I ever spent recouping from the break….

  3. I hate spiders and bugs of ANY KIND. I have an understanding that if they are in the house, they die. If they are in their natural habitat outside I run by screaming. One night as I came in from the bathroom to go to sleep I went to turn out the light and noticed there was a spider above the bed on my husband’s side. He was sound asleep snoring away but I couldnt sleep knowing it was up there so I grabbed the tallest thing I could find which was a roll of wrapping paper and I crept over to his side of the bed. I couldnt reach it so I had to get up on the bed. So I stood up on either side of him as he slept and leaned up and just as I was reaching up to swat the spider, my husband opened his eyes. He focused on me standing up over him waving a roll of wrapping paper and calmly said, “I’m kind of hoping this is just a bad dream and that you wouldnt think of killing a bug over my head where it was sure to drop on my head when he died.” He stared at me until climbed off the bed and put the roll of wrapping paper down. He did get up and kill the bug eventually

  4. I’m afraid of the stories you tell about spiders and bug oh my! :0

  5. What is bad when your daughter comes in screaming about a bug in the other room. She expects me to do something! I hate having to be the brave one.

  6. CENTIPEDES…!!!!!! I’m a grown man and those wiggley legs and serpent like moves, gives me the heebie-geebies..! It’s not too bad if I see them before they see me…. they will leap off the bathroom ceiling and attack you…!! Look up!

  7. Confined spaces without an escape root, like being in the
    back of a VW beetle in heavy traffic with a driver whose attention span is similar
    to a gold fish.

  8. Just teasing about the old age and senility thing . . . you’re not there yet! I love and appreciate your posts, funny and spiritual.

  9. Spider, Where?! Why is it that the stupid wolf spiders always(!) bite me and never my husband?

  10. I learned to fear cockroaches in Montana. While staying in a motel, in the next room was a couple who had just come up from Mexico and swore to the manager that they did not bring along any type of hitchhikers in their luggage. They lied, unkowingly. In less than 3 days most of the rooms were infested. It is almost impossible to kill those things. My friend showed me how they “the cockroach” has lived for so long in all places warm (like a warm motel room). Next time we saw a creepy thing, they put a clear drinking glass over top of it. That dirty litte cockroach INSTANTLY expelled a whole bunch of eggs! Honestly, it was creepy then and even creepy now just visualizing that again.

  11. Oh that was hilarious! I can so relate! I can tolerate rats, bats, mice (had all them at different times in our house) and snakes. when I was 15 I was a guest at the home of my parents’ friends. The first night I slept on their couch a rat decided to run laps up along the backside of it. I rolled over and went to sleep. Not so with spiders. I do the weirdest dances just running into one string of a web with no spider attached. I can’t even watch an animated Charlotte’s Web! Ewwww!

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