Distractions That Give You Traction!

Greetings from Alaska! I am supposed to be working on this ship. Each day I am required to make some kind of presentation. But I have wonderful distractions all around me. I realized that they are making me better. I am working better. I am happier! I am more excited about the responsibilities that await me when we return home! I am thrilled about keeping in touch with you!

The “distractions” I am facing here are of a very special kind. The kind that recharges my batteries, and rekindle my desire to live fully alive.

Two Father’s Day Resolutions that Will Change Your Life


My Father, Ken Davis Sr.

I know it is two days past Fathers day, but this is an adaptation of a post I did two years ago that hit me today as hard as the day I wrote it.  I will re-post this every year, because the response is so overwhelming and I believe so deeply in the message.  I would be  honored if you read it.

My Hero!


A Hero’s Morning Ritual

He was still a teenager when he enlisted in the army. He was one of twelve children, and he recognized his chance to make something of himself. He couldn’t know the United States would be at war within a matter of months.

At eighteen, he found himself in the thick of battle defending the Philippines against the onslaught of Japanese attack. One day he lay behind a log and watched as enemy soldiers overran his position by the hundreds. His capture marked the beginning of a three-and-a-half year nightmare. He became a prisoner of war.

The Bottom Line!

Jadyn and I are united after her rescue.

Jadyn and I are united after her rescue.

She had been lost for three hours at 10,500 ft in mountain wilderness.  Panicked, I had run in every direction and called her name until my voice was gone.

I could close my eyes and see her blond hair and innocent blue eyes. She must be terrified.  I remembered the swampy area farther up the mountain between the creek and the road—a stretch of bog covered with almost impenetrable brush and potholes full of mossy, stagnant water.

I clawed my way uphill through thick brush that fought my every move. Often I would sink thigh-deep in small muddy pools. The strenuous effort plus the altitude and stress dragged me to the brink of exhaustion. Don’t let her be in here I prayed as I slogged ahead. Please. Don’t let her be in here.