Two Words that can Keep You from Experiencing Life!

Calculated risk. Exhilarating joy!

I’m back after a week of vacation trying to keep up with six grandchildren with the stamina of a herd of energizer bunnies.  I returned with compelling evidence that I am fully alive.

1. I have bruises from head to toe

2. My body aches all over.

I water skied until I literally dropped.  I dived into the water from fifteen feet and came back up again.  I raced my grandchildren swimming across the bay and lost. I flopped like a wounded dolphin trying to get up on a knee board and finally succeeded. Then I hit the big wave.

You have Cancer! Words Remembered, Now with Gratitude!

Ken and Diane

You have Cancer! Those words, spoken to my wife Diane, hit us like a sucker punch to the stomach.  There had been tests and then three weeks of cruel waiting for the results.  Finally the trip to the doctor, another eternal hour of torturous waiting and then the words…….. You have cancer!

Today, Diane and I are celebrating the fact that those words were spoken over 20 years ago.

Near sighted people get there quicker

Everything is so far away!

Are your dreams far away and undefined or within reach and rich with detail? I just spent a week with my youngest grandson, Tyler.  He is one of the most positive little people I have ever met.  His answer to almost everything is an enthusiastic “OKAY!”

“Want to climb a mountain?”


“Want to ride the four wheeler?”


There are some exceptions! I asked him if he wanted to get a flu shot and couldn’t find him for an hour.