5 Tips for Avoiding Road Kill!

shutterstock_157081274Much of my life is spent on the road which makes the concept of sensible eating an oxymoron.  I am certain you have experienced the havoc that a vacation or even a few days of travel can wreak on your waistline and your spirit.

Road kill?  What a horrible name!  Yet the foods we eat when traveling often leave us half dead, devoid of energy, and way off track in our efforts to live fully alive.  Bad eating habits on the road can destroy the joy of a trip and leave us feeling sluggish and guilty.

Here are five tips to help you stay fully alive as you travel.

Will You Be on My Team?

triathlon swimYesterday I started a twelve week training program preparing me to compete in my 4th Triathlon on May 17th. I can almost hear you muttering, “Why would an old guy like you do that?”

Having a goal like this out in front of me inspires me to work toward that goal. Working toward that goal, keeps me on an activity schedule that sheds pounds, makes me stronger, and keeps me healthy.

It has worked EVERY time. However this time I am going to do four things differently and I am asking YOU to be a part of all four.

No Excuses in 2014

I did this video on a freezing sunny day around Christmas.  It was designed to encourage you to keep moving in 2014 and enjoy this year fully alive.

That is my prayer for you this year.  That you will be everything you were created to be.  The first step toward that goal is to eliminate all excuses and move.

What’s your excuse? 

Will you commit with me to LIVE this year?

Let’s do it together.

Unwind from Uptight and Live!

8-16 009I have come to the conclusion that I can’t drink coffee.  I like the taste, but if I drink coffee, I get so wired I can pick up radio stations in Argentina. 

If I drink coffee near bed time, I can’t close my eyes or go to sleep.  I just lay there watching those little colored amoeba things that swim around behind closed eye lids.  Then my feet start kicking unexpectedly.  Not just a twitch. I’m talking a 60-yard field goal kind of twitch.  Once the cat was laying at my feet when this happened.  I heard him hit two walls before he hit the floor.  Thank heavens I didn’t kick him up into the ceiling fan.

My wife told me I had three options. 

Don’t Retire! Retread! Here’s How to Make it Happen

bigstock-Happy-senior-couple-jogging-in-36493645Some of the happiest and most miserable people I know are people who have retired. The happy ones didn’t really retire, they changed the way they live. The miserable ones are the ones who stopped living, the ones who decided to play golf the rest of there lives or the ones who felt like their purpose for living ended when their job ended. Here is a much better idea.