Mossy Butts

Author: Hunter S. Thompson

Author: Hunter S. Thompson

After opening the service in our small college chapel with the usual formalities, our guest speaker, an old man with a weathered face stepped to the podium. He wasn’t smiling as he began. “Most of us,” he said, “have moss growing on our butts.”

There was a collective, gasp from the conservative faculty and student body. I am certain the word “butt” had never been uttered within the walls of that little chapel. One of the deans rose halfway from his metal folding chair—then sat back down.

How to Exterminate the Bugs in Your System

Clipart BugI was on a flight from Harrisburg to Cincinnati. After a short delay, the flight attendant announced we were going to be a few minutes late because of paperwork.

Ten minutes later I looked out the window to see people cleaning bugs off of the wings with paper towels. Could this be what they meant by paperwork?

After another five minutes, the pilot announced that the plane had flown through a cloud of bugs the night before and now that the bugs were gone, we would have to wait while the ground crew filled out paperwork on the bugs.

Bug paperwork?

We left thirty minutes late. I have some questions.

Think Before You Speak!

It’s Lighten up Monday!   Someday I might learn to keep my mouth shut, until then I will probably be in trouble all my life. 

I do hope that I will always be willing to speak of for justice and common sense and those who can’t speak for themselves. 

PLEASE comment on your TSA experiences.  I want to add them to my collection.  I will send a free copy of my Fully Alive DVD to the person who has the best TSA story.

This clip is taken from the DVD Fully Alive. For more info or to purchase click here.

I Yelled, “BOO” and He Died!

It’s Lighten Up Monday!

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.  My dad is in heaven and now knows I was telling the truth.  This clip is from “Super Sheep” our most popular DVD ever produced.

I will not answer any e-mails asking if this is true. You can find out the rest of the story on the “Super Sheep DVD”

However, I would like to know if there has ever been a time you felt “Scared to Death!”

If you enjoyed this you might also enjoy Ken’s book “Sheep Tales”  “Bible stories told from the perspective of the animals who where there.”

The Comedy Jacket

It’s Lighten Up monday!

No one makes me laugh harder than Bob Stromberg.

When we rehearsed this bit for the DVD ‘Together Again for the First Time,’ I laughed until I was sick. During the live performance I completely lost it, and last night I spit coffee across the table watching it again.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Do not operate heavy machinery or drink any liquids as you watch.

Click Play and Enjoy… “The Comedy Coat.”

This clip taken from Together Again. For more info or to purchase, please click here.