You have Cancer! Words Remembered, Now with Gratitude!

Ken and Diane

You have Cancer! Those words, spoken to my wife Diane, hit us like a sucker punch to the stomach.  There had been tests and then three weeks of cruel waiting for the results.  Finally the trip to the doctor, another eternal hour of torturous waiting and then the words…….. You have cancer!

Today, Diane and I are celebrating the fact that those words were spoken over 20 years ago.

Sometimes we take life for granted.  A recent checkup reminded us that God has blessed Diane with 20 years of vibrant life after cancer.  That brings a song of thanks to our lips and a humble prayer for those that have heard those numbing words recently. For you, I pray that this blog will be a beacon of hope.

My bride is a twenty year survivor of breast cancer.  We have a significant number of friends and acquaintances for whom those words did not have such a positive outcome.  This blog is dedicated to everyone who has fought this disease and won as well as those who have lost that battle.  Do you hear me Grace?

Grace Scheer Our beloved friend. Promoted to an eternity of joy March 2010

We have a truckload of plans for the future:

A theatrical release to be filmed the 26th in Grand Rapids, a new book, an animated feature, a Bible study Series, a new tour, etc, etc, etc.

All of that pales in light of the fact…..

Diane has been cancer free for 20 years.

Although I have followed Christ most of my life, I don’t make a lot of religious sounding noises.  But today because of 20 years and because of the joy that our friend Grace is experiencing with God………….    on this day I shout,

“Praise God!”
“To God be the Glory!”
“Thank you Jesus!”

Do I hear a witness????

FYI  “Do I hear a witness” is the Greek phase for, “I welcome your comments!”