An Open Response to Comments on “What would Pat Robertson have Done with my Father.”

First, thank you to all of you who responded to my post “What would Pat Robertson have Done with my Father.”  

To date there were over 467 comments on the post.  I had no idea that this issue would touch such a cord in the hearts of so many people.  I also had no idea how many people are living with the heartbreak of family and friends facing Alzheimer’s disease.

Because I am unable to respond individually to the hundreds of comments I received, I will address them here.  This will be my last post concerning Pat Robertson’s comments.

1. To those of you who have watched a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and to some of you who courageously shared that you have been diagnosed with one of these diseases:  Your honesty and courage inspires us all.  My prayers are with you.  Thank you for blessing us by sharing your story and helping us realize we are not alone.

2. To those who suggested that I had misunderstood Mr Robertson’s statement: I must respectfully disagree.  I read and re-read the entire transcript as it was sent by CBN in response to a letter written by Mark Robinson.  The letter, the transcript and CBN’s response can be found here….. OntarioPC    My readers can judge for themselves what Mr Robertson actually said.

3.  To those who suggested that my post was an attack on Pat Robertson:  I promise that was not my intention.  Considering what my dad had gone through, what the scriptures say about divorce and the solemn nature of  “till death do we part,” I was compelled to respond to Mr Robertson’s statement.  A public statement such as this invites a public response. I responded with our family’s story.

4.  To those who suggested that I had been influenced by the media:  I am sure the news media covered this, but I never saw it.  My response was based on the transcript of the show and CBN’s response to Mark Robinson’s letter.   I never intended to jump on any bandwagon.  I didn’t even know there was a bandwagon.

5.  To those who expressed sorrow and/or anger in response to Pat Robertson’s statement:  For the most part these were not enemies of Pat Robertson or CBN.  In fact, many of the responders were people who had been blessed over the years by CBN’s ministry.  I certainly understand your frustration and would ask that you pray that the valid aspects of CBN ministry will continue to touch lives.

6. To those who questioned Pat Robertson’s Salvation or wished him ill will:  I would ask that you reconsider that position for the same two reasons that caused you disagreed with his statement in the first place.

  • Pat’s is a believer in Christ and his place in the Kingdom was assured on the Cross and sealed by the Holy spirit.  He is loved by the Father. He will be in heaven. He is my brother.  I am free to disagree with him but not to condemn him. If Mr Robertson has lost his salvation because of his errors of judgement or theology, then my sins and errors certainly condemn me as well.  Thank God, such is not the case!
  • Pat Robertson deserves the same compassion we insist that he give those we sought to defend.  

Thank you for all your comments and I am grateful for the support shown toward those who cannot speak for themselves. With a only couple of exceptions the comments were thoughtful and without vitriol.  Yesterday I received a very gracious comment from a friend of Mr Robertson that I would like to share with you. In the face of the what I believe is justified critique of Mr Robertson’s statement, only one thing balances the scales and gives us all hope……. that thing is GRACE!

Pat Robertson’s friend Malcolm gave me permission to reprint his comment.  May the spirit of grace evidenced here be present even in the midst our strongest disagreements.

    When Pat Robertson stands before the Lord, God will say, “Pat, you said a lot of things right, and you said a few things wrong; you sometimes let the pondering of your mind escape through your lips before you had it worked out with me in prayer. This embarrassed those closest to you, and it angered a great many of your enemies.
But also let me say this to you: Thank you for giving your life to me as a young man. Thank you for heeding my call to walk away from what could have been a lucrative career in Law to enter the ministry and start a tiny little television studio in Tidewater Virginia when everybody thought you were crazy. Thank you for pioneering a Christian TV channel that was the first of its kind, and that I was able to bless and project it around the world in many different nations. And thank you, Pat, that because of your visionary spirit and heart of obedience, the 700 Club has been a tool in my hands to bring hundreds of thousands of people into My kingdom. Pat, I also want to thank you that you allowed me to birth Operation Blessing through you and your wonderful staff of sincere and committed people. Together with our supporters, we have given spiritual and natural aid to tens of thousands of devastated people worldwide.
So Pat, other than those few times you really stuck your foot in your mouth, I am happy to say you did most things well. You have been a good and faithful servant who stands or falls before Me alone, and before no other. Enter now, my son, into the joy of the Lord.”

I can only add… “Say those things for me too, Lord.  For me too!”

Today is Alzheimer’s day.  Please pray for a cure and for comfort to all who face this horrible disease.