Do You Have These Five Uncommon Qualities?

What qualities do a a CEO, a plumber, a best selling author, a youth leader, a magician and a successful musician have in common? 

Uncommon people with a Common Goal...... Excellence! SCORRE Conference Center


1.  They were just a few of the amazing group of diverse students who attended our SCORRE speaking conference last week.

2.  They were people who have a never ending thirst for excellence.

3.  They were people who realized that tomorrow never comes so they take action today.

4.  They were people that were willing to make an investment in their God given talent.

5.  They were people that are now better equipped to positively impact the lives of others.

Nothing boring about SCORRE

As a result of these common qualities, every one of these uncommon people will be more focused and powerful in their speaking and in every aspect of their life.   Mike Hyatt and I were astounded by the commitment of this group and we are more dedicated than ever to share the benefits of the SCORRE conference with you.

Now it’s your turn!

Please read this Guest post I did for Michael Hyatt  Then take advantage of the limited time discount he has offered his readers.  Then Register today and join Me and Mike and more than 100 uncommon people in Vail Colorado this fall.  Registration is limited and the conference will fill quickly, so consider taking a step of excellence that will change your life forever.

What makes you uncommon?  What motivates you to keep learning?