A Math Principle that Expands Your Influence to Infinity!

The Secret that isn’t a Secret!

Every year I get to work with a team of dedicated people who understand a life changing math principle.  They are all instructors at The SCORRE Conference   where we teach communication skills to people from all over the world.  These dedicated people know the principle that has motivated us to do the conference for almost three decades.

Michael Hyatt verbalized the principle as we walked across the beautiful Winshape Retreat Center in Rome Georgia.

He asked me, “What it is that makes it so fulfilling to be involved with this conference?”  

Good question.

Both of us are speakers and enjoy traveling the world doing presentations we believe in.

Both of us are payed well for our services.

Both of us admitted that the time investment for THE SCORRE CONFERENCE is many times the investment needed to give a single speech.

Before we reached the top of the hill both of us agreed on the answer to Mike’s question.  It was a math secret that is really no secret at all. Multiplication is more productive and fulfilling than addition.  

The 80 who were at the SCORRE CONFERENCE  and the 100 plus that will be at our SCORRE conference in Beaver Creek this fall will touch more lives than both Mike, myself and the entire team can touch by traveling and speaking for the rest of our lives.  We all love and will continue to do our solo, one plus one presentations, but there is something about multiplication.

There’s a powerful sense of fulfillment that comes from investing our lives in the lives of others who we know will invest their lives in others etc etc.  Call it mentoring, call it teaching, call it what you want…….  It is multiplication.  

No matter what your job or station in life, have you thought about how you might multiply yourself in the lives of other people who will then touch the lives of others and start the mathematical cycle that never ends?

Have you seen the multiplication principle in action?  Please take the time to comment and tell me about it.