Near sighted people get there quicker

Everything is so far away!

Are your dreams far away and undefined or within reach and rich with detail? I just spent a week with my youngest grandson, Tyler.  He is one of the most positive little people I have ever met.  His answer to almost everything is an enthusiastic “OKAY!”

“Want to climb a mountain?”


“Want to ride the four wheeler?”


There are some exceptions! I asked him if he wanted to get a flu shot and couldn’t find him for an hour.

One morning I caught him stumbling across our deck looking through a pair of binoculars.  He seemed very frustrated, confused and he had a hard time keeping his balance.  He was looking through the binoculars backward. Even his feet looked like they were miles away.  I wish I had captured the look on his face when I turned the binoculars around and he saw things close up, detailed, and reachable.  You couldn’t pry them out of his hands.  He even watched TV with them.  Everything seemed within reach.

Made me think.  As you set goals or face challenges, does it all seem far away and impossible! Do you find yourself saying things like……..

I can never do it,

It”s going to take too long,

I can hardly see myself accomplishing this?

Do you find yourself off balance,

stumbling and afraid to take steps?

Do you struggle to see the details that will help you overcome obstacles and propel you toward your goal?

Turn the binoculars around!!!!!!


Don’t be afraid to study the detail of what lies between you and your goal.  Take a long CLOSE look at what you are working toward.

With your eyes glued to that goal, develop a strategy to overcome any obstacles. Replace distant negative thinking with aggressive close up  strategy. Eventually you will have to put the binoculars down because you have reached your goal. You can reach out and touch it!

Which end of the binoculars are you looking through?