Not Proud to be an American? A guest post by Scott Fowler.

scott preston flagMy son in law, Scott Fowler, posted this message on the fourth of July. Scott is one of the most patriotic people I know. I re-posted it because it seems to me most of the present generation is oblivious to the critical historical role America has played in history and unaware of the unique freedoms and privileges we enjoy today. I was moved by Scott’s post and wanted to share it with you. Let me know what you think. 

I am NOT PROUD to be an American!

That’s what 44 percent of American citizens recently said in a pew poll.

Now…am I proud of everything that happens in America?  No!
Am I proud of some cultural shifts happening in America? No!
Am I proud of some of the legislation passed in America? No!
Am I proud of the way some Americans act? NO!
Am I proud that 44% of Americans are not PROUD to be Americans? No!

But am I personally proud to be an American?  YES!

I don’t want to be anything else. People still flock to America, both legally and illegally because they want what we have. Parents from Central America are presently sending their kids here by the thousands in hopes that they could live in AMERICA!

My kids sleep in a warm, dry, safe bed…in AMERICA!  I can go to a church of my choice…in AMERICA. If I decide I don’t like that church anymore, I can leave and go to a different church…in AMERICA.

I can sing music about Jesus…in AMERICA. I can pursue my dreams and aspirations…in AMERICA! I drink safe water….in AMERICA. I breathe clean air…in AMERICA.

I get to try to freely vote for leaders of my choice…in AMERICA! When I don’t like what those leaders do, I can publicly criticize them…in AMERICA. I can own a gun…in AMERICA. I can get married to who in want….in AMERICA. I can have as many kids as I want…in AMERICA! I can peacefully protest…in AMERICA.

I can eat potato chips and drink soda…in AMERICA. I can be a vegetarian…in AMERICA! I can be friends with people of other races and religions…in AMERICA! I can listen to gospel music….in AMERICA. I can listen to Rock and Roll music…in AMERICA. I can listen to NO MUSIC…in AMERICA. I can drive a little car…in AMERICA. I can drive a big car…in AMERICA.

Perhaps we need to spend more time concentrating on what we DO HAVE instead of what we DO NOT HAVE! Then maybe those 44% would be proud to be an AMERICAN again.

America…the land of the free….the home of the brave.  America…land that I love.  America….God shed His grace on thee.

Happy birthday, America. I’m proud to call you home!

What do you think?
Are you proud to be an American? 
It’s okay to disagree… This is America

Thanks to Scott for sharing this post.