Unwind and Live!

Unwind from Uptight and Live!

8-16 009I have come to the conclusion that I can’t drink coffee.  I like the taste, but if I drink coffee, I get so wired I can pick up radio stations in Argentina. 

If I drink coffee near bed time, I can’t close my eyes or go to sleep.  I just lay there watching those little colored amoeba things that swim around behind closed eye lids.  Then my feet start kicking unexpectedly.  Not just a twitch. I’m talking a 60-yard field goal kind of twitch.  Once the cat was laying at my feet when this happened.  I heard him hit two walls before he hit the floor.  Thank heavens I didn’t kick him up into the ceiling fan.

My wife told me I had three options. 

#1: I could drink coffee if I let her wrap my entire body in duct tape before I go to bed.

#2: I could sleep in the garage.

#3: I could stop drinking coffee.

I stopped drinking coffee.   Unfortunately we live in a culture where many people are uptight and wired even when they don’t drink coffee.  I know uptight people who are so removed from coffee they think Starbucks is a constellation of deer.

Occasionally I find myself being pushed into an uptight corner. In those times I have to remember a few facts:

  • Being uptight about something doesn’t change anything.
  • Being uptight keeps you from reaching your full potential.
  • Being uptight keeps you from getting down to business.
  • Being uptight is a sign that you have forgotten who is really in charge.

Lighten up!  Loosen up!  Lay off the caffeine. Live!

[reminder]How does caffeine affect you?  How do you unwind from uptight.[/reminder]